Introducing C3fit

C3fit is a superior athletic compression brand from Japan, that offers graduated compression wear. It is the only brand to achieve Class 1 Medical Device status in Japan. Built with quality materials and precision engineering, C3fit’s wear helps achieve controlled pressure on various parts of the body, improving the performance of muscle contraction.

Athletic Quality Crafted in Japan

The C3fit design incorporates graduated Compression, body Conditioning and Comfort for the wearer. These three C’s improve body function and enhance fitness quality, creating an entirely new high performance sportswear.


Elasticity is an important aspect in compression performance, and C3fit products are constructed based on the highest levels of material and manufacturing standards to ensure optimal performance and durability. Each product’s base material goes through a precise relaxation and colouring process and are individually inspected by the human eye to detect for the minutest defects.


An athletic product would be ineffective if not for a comfortable fit. C3fit compression wear are hand sewn using a flat steamer sewing machine, which smoothly sews each seam to ensure that they lay flat on the material. As products such as Performance Long Tights, Performance Calf Sleeves, and Arch Support High Socks are certified as general medical devices in Japan, all products must be solely packaged by certified factories in Japan and sealed to maintain quality until received by the customer.


Research and development is a promise of C3fit to enable athletes to stretch their athletic potential. Through exhaustive trial and error, innovative design and subject testing, an analytical and subjective study of its gear allows C3fit to evaluate, adjust and continuously improve the physical performance for wearers in all environments.

Discover the Innovation

C3fit products are now available in Singapore at our TripleFit Retail Outlet and TripleReady Online Store.

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