Introducing Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts was founded by ex-magazine Fashion Director Sally Dixon. 17 years experience in the fashion industry and 20 years as an exercise and fitness enthusiast led to her desire to combine the two. British designed and made from quality performance fabrics in Portugal, you’ll no longer need a trip over the Atlantic to pick up great activewear.

Performance Focused.

Every Second Counts is designed with both the first-time gym goer and the fitness fanatic in mind. Whether you’re measuring your split times for a half marathon or rushing to pilates before picking the kids up from school, Every Second Counts. Designed to take you from your fitness activities to daily life in a second, the collection works with your wardrobe not against it, letting you fulfill every moment.

We all need a little kick-start now and again, sometimes it’s tough just getting through the gym door — Every Second Counts wants to support and encourage you on that journey.

Little moments amount to a lot of happiness. Make your seconds count today.

Discover the Innovation

Every Second Counts products for Men and Women are now available in Singapore at our TripleFit Retail Outlet and TripleReady Online Store.

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